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Screen Printing Inks-Plastisol-Water Based

Value-Plastisol-Screen Printing Inks
Value-Plastisol-Screen Printing Inks
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Jantex-Water Based-Screen Printing Inks
Jantex-Water Based-Screen Printing Inks
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Screen printing inks used to print t-shirts, textiles, garments, fabrics, and bags. Most common are Plastisol, water based pigment, discharge inks or combination of all three. To crate different affects, texture, feel, and look can be achieved. Printed with a manual screen printing press or high production automated screen printing press. Silk screening is a process of pushing ink with a rubber squeegee through screen mesh after stencil or image has been created with emulsion on screen frame.

Plastisol Inks: Standard multi purpose plastisols are easy to use by beginners as well as commercial screen printers. They contain no solvents and have high opacity and can be used right out of the can no mixing. Silk-screen printed wet on wet with color separations onto light or dark t-shirts using a wide range of screen meshes. A curable reducer or soft hand additive can be used for soft hand feel. Puff additives are used to get a raised feel after coming out of t-shirt dryer. To print on nylon jackets or sports team printing and numbering, a stretch or nylon bond catalysts is added to adhere to nylon & polyester. To apply foils to tee shirts, a curable plastisol adhesive can be printed then run through an infrared drying tunnel then the foil can be applied with a heat transfer press.

Plastisol Pantone color matching ink system: Regular colors are mixable to a desired color, but to Match pantone colors specially formulated plastisols designed for pantone color mixing.

Plastisol Four color process ink: are translucied and designed to be printed on top of each in half tone layers to achieve any color in the rainbow. Used for photographs or fine detailed images.
Note: Four color process inks has soft feel. Requires high mesh count screens to hold fine details.

Under base screen printing with plastisol on dark tee shirts: (1) Silk screen white then spot cure and print white again to get that pop or stand out look. You can do the same for multiple colors. Or option (2) Print white then spot cure then prints a color on top of the white under base.

Emulsions: Saati Chems, Textile PV or PC blue or Xenon Products Diazo emulsion

Plastisol ink Curing Equipment: Plastisol cures between 325 - 360 degrees. Infrared flash cure works well for a hobby, beginners, and small home business, for higher production color blind infrared radiant heat conveyor dryers are used. Non contact thermometer or temperature gun is excellent tool in checking curing of ink on garments.
Note: Plastisol never cures or dries until heated to 320º F plus degrees. It stays wet or pliable until cured. You can leave at the end of the day and return the next day to continue t-shirt printing.

Clean up: Citrus ink cleaner, franmar- greenway, bean-e-doo, and soy ink remover or mineral base ink washes

Waterbase & Discharge inks: Textile water base & discharge t-shirt printing is very popular in today's garment decorating market place, it's environmentally friendly, soft hand feel and offers vintage look, and brilliant colors on dark garments when used with discharges. Can be used with any t-shirt printing press, or automatic textile printing press with wide range of screen meshes.

Jantex Waterbased color matching: Match any pantone color with this system

Under base printing with discharge: (1) under basing can be achived by printing direct discharge ink, which discharges the dye from the fabric or bleaches it to its natural color. A air flash dryer is needed to do this properly you can leave it as finished or over print wet on wet with pigmented colors. (2) Same step as above but you mix in a pigment to the discharge ink for a one step process that leaves a desired color after discharge is complete. You can do this for every color not needing an under base. Note: This works best with 100% cotton. Results vary from batches or base color of the garment, and manufactures. Note: Discharge doesn't work with ploy blends
Foil affects: Use combination of water base and plastisol foil adhesive to create popular foil affects.
Note: The foil doesn't adhere to water based or discharge inks only to the adhesive
Note: Water based ink will dry in your screen image if left unattended you must clean the screens when leaving to press.

Emulsions: Saati Chem- Grafic Hu, Textile Dw, Textile HT (permeate) Xenon products 903WR
Note: Textile PV can be used post exposure is needed Note: place screen in the sun.

Waterbase drying: While plastisol cures at 320 degrees water base needs combination of air & heat to properly dry. Air movement to displace mositure and infrared heat to set the pigment

Water base Ink Drying Equipment: Electric Infrared jet air Textile conveyor dryer & air flash dryer, or a high volume forced hot air convection gas conveyor dryers

Cleanup: Sprayway fast open 32 or soap & water

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