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Aluminum Silk Screen Printing Frames

TSPS offers pre-stretched aluminum screen printing frames. Each frame is constructed of 1.3/8 sq. aluminum tubing and is welded to ensure a watertight seal, sanded smooth for square and flat finish. Mesh counts range from 60 to 350 pre-stretched to 19 to 22 Newton's. Standard sizes in stock are 20" x 24" for manual screen printing presses, and 23" x 31" for automatic silk screen presses. Custom frames for the popular all over size t-shirt printing are available.

Custom sizes can be ordered please contact us for quote.


T-shirt Printing Screen Frames

Screen printing frames with mesh that has light sensitive emulsion applied to it, holds a stencil to silk screen print t-shirts or graphics. A screen exposure unit with UV light burns in this image or stencil. This is where screen printing ink passes through to print multi color designs on t-shirts, garments, and textiles. As well as graphics printing such as stickers, decals, Hot Peel Transfers.

Plastisol-water based-solvent based inks mesh count guidelines:
24 -80 - Mesh for glitters, metallics,shimmers inks
110-130 - Block letters designs for whites and light T-shirts plastisol printing (most popular)
156-160 - Finer details darks or black
175-190 - Half tones or gradations, less ink passes through the screen
200-230 - Simulated process printing with reduced plastisol or water based inks
230-305 - Four color process printing, CMYK colors, halftones super fine detail

Aluminum Screen Printing Frames
Silk Screening Frames

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