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WB Pallet Adhesive

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WB Pallet Adhesive

  • This Universal screen printers Water Base Pallet Adhesive has been specially formulated for use with all screen printing printing inks to securely hold t-shirts,textiles and garments to pallet or platen during the silk screening multi color designs . This water based platen adhesive is more efficient and cost effective alternative to aerosol adhesives. A single properly applied, application will surpass the performance of other products currently available, greatly reducing the frequency of reapplication. Using a flash dryers heat can reactivate the tackiness.

  • Application Instructions:
    1. Pallet should be applied directly onto a clean pallet.

    2. Best results will be achieved when applied in an evenly distributed manner using a brush, roller, or ink scraping card.

    3. Flashing the pallet briefly after application will accelerate the drying process.

    4. As needed, product can be re-applied directly onto previously coated pallet.

    5. To remove adhesive directly to the pallet, apply light mist pallet cleaner directly onto coated area and allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes. Then using a firm, sharp squeegee, draw a pass across the pallet towards a trash can, removing degraded product. If any residual remains simply reapply to affected area. Use a cloth damp with water as a final wipe over pallet

    6. Use the heat of the flash dryer to reactivate the tackiness

Weight (lbs.): 2

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