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Small Business Screen Printing Shop Package

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Small Business Screen Printing Shop Package

  • This screen printing shop package has everything you need to start successful small business screen printing t-shirts and more. Take artwork and output film positives with the all black ink inkjet printer with rip software. To burn images into emulsions in as little as 30 seconds we have vacuum screen exposure unit, silk screen multi color designs onto t-shirts up to 6 colors with the screen printing press with 4 rotating station beneficial when flash drying. The curestar 4000 conveyor dryer can cure up to 220 t-shirt per hour. Reclaim and wash out images with the washout booth, and complete set of silk screening supplies to get you started.
  • Screen printing Equipment:
    • V-6400     6 color 4 Station Press
    • Xpo-2331     Screen Exposure Unit
    • CS-4000     Conveyor Dryer
    • D-162     Flash Dryer
    • Epson 1430 printer inkjet W/All black system and rip soft ware
    • Economy Washout Booth
  • Cruiser Supplies Package:
    • 10 aluminum screen frames 20x24"mixed meshes
    • 1 Gallons each of Plastisol screen printing ink black & white
    • 1 Quart each of blue, green, red, yellow plastisol ink
    • 1 Gallon Photopolymer screen stencil Emulsion
    • 1 pkg. of 100 waterproof inkjet film 8.5x11"
    • 1 -14 inch scoop coater to apply emulsion
    • 6- Qts. Franmar eco friendly starter kit;(1) Ink cleaner bean-e-doo,(1) Greeneway press wash,(1) Strip-e-doo emulsion remover, (1) D-haze, (1) D-grease, (1) Ickee stickee adhesive remover (3) scrub pads, (1) DVD.
    • 2 LR. Ink scoops
    • 4 Small Ink scoops
    • 100 each Test print pellons black & white
    • 6 -14" squeegees 70 durometer
    • 2 cans spray adhesive
    • 1 can screen opener to open clogged ink in designs
    • 1 screen block out tape
    • 1 non contact thermometer to make sure ink is cured
    • 1 training book and DVD set.
Weight (lbs.): 1560

Weight (lbs.): 800

Weight (lbs.): 60

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