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Turnkey Screen Printing Shop - Garment Printing at Home

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Turnkey Screen Printing Shop - Garment Printing at Home

  • This turnkey screen-printing Package is geared for production and includes an XPO-2426 Silk Screen Exposure Unit, a Vista V-4400 rotary platen t-shirt Printing Press (upgradable to 6 colors), a D-162 Flash Dryer, and a CS 4000 Infrared tee-shirt Dryer. The XPO-2426 utilizes black lights and vacuum so screens can be exposed fast with fine detail. The benefits of a Multi Station Vista V-4400 Textile Printing Press are #1 high production. As well as #2 flash curing using one person to print T-shirts, and another to load and unload shirts to the CS-4000 Conveyor Dryer for rapid curing and maximum production. Also included is the D-162 Flash Dryer. All packages come complete with a set of silk screening supplies, instructional books, DVD's. Not only do we provide quality screen printing machinery, but lifetime tech support. Get a jump-start on the competition we can help you start a home business t-shirt printing and ad-specialty products.
  • Upgrade Package 2 to a 6 color 4 station Press
  • Ranar manufacturing screen printing equipment
    1. V4400 4 color 4 Station Press
    2. D-162 Flash Cure Unit
    3. Curestar 4000 Conveyor Dryer
    4. Econo Washout Booth
    5. XPO-2426 Vacuum Screen Exposure Unit
    6. Cruiser Supplies Package
      • 1 Gal White Ink
      • 1 Gal Black Ink
      • 1 Qt Blue Ink
      • 1 Qt Red Ink
      • 1 Qt Green Ink
      • 1 Qt Yellow Ink
      • 1 Gal Emulsion
      • 1 Franmar eco- friendly chemicals
      • Qt. Greenway ink cleaner
      • Qt. stripe e doo emulsion remover
      • Qt. Bean e doo soy ink cleaner
      • Qt D haze mesh stain remover
      • Qt. D Grease mesh prep
      • Qt. Ickee stickee platen adhesive remover
      • 2, scrub pads, instructional DVD
      • 10 Aluminum Screens
      • 4 Squeegees
      • 6 Ink Scoops
      • 1 Scoop Coater
      • 1 Pkg Test Pellons
      • 1 Pkg 8.5 x 11 Imaging Film
      • 2 Cans Spray Adhesive
      • 1 Screen Opener
      • 1 Screen Tape
      • 1 Temperature Gun
      • 1 Training Book/DVD
Weight (lbs.): 1450

Weight (lbs.): 1200

Weight (lbs.): 1200

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