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Screen Printing Inks-Plastisol-Water Based

Value-Plastisol-Screen Printing Ink

Low Cost White & Black Plastisol

T-shirt printing supplies are proud to offer the Value Line of screen printing plastisol inks, bases, and additives. Ideal printing with a manual or automated t-shirt or textile printing presses. Available black or white ink at a significant cost savings to increase your profits. We have teamed up with a screen printing ink manufacturer to offer a smooth creamy, low bleed opaque white ink which has an easy shear, fast flooding, and a fast flash curing. Can be used to reduce dye migration when under base printing on dark t-shirts, garments, textiles, cottons...

The black plastisol ink prints with maximum coverage with less squeegee force to increase production. These inks are smooth and consistent Designed for wet on wet printing. If you're a small screen printing shop looking to control costs an increase profits.


Nylabond clear additive can be added to any color plastisol ink. This allows adhesion to nylon jackets, jerseys and synthetic blends. Note adding nylabond catalyst to plastisol ink which has a short shelf life it will harden only mix what is need to do the job. Using nylabond allows you to cure at a lower temperature and fast belt speed as heat causes shrinkage so not to affect nylon fabrics and polyester blends it continues to harden for 72 hrs. After exiting the infrared conveyor dryer, or flash cure. Note the ink remains sticky don't rub or scratch the ink till fully cured. Standard mixing ratios are 1 to 5 parts by volume.

Puff Additive

Puff additive can be mixed with any color plastisol ink. Prints the same as regular ink, and will have a raised feel after exiting and conveyor dryer. No need to stocking pigment puff ink with this clear puff additive

Soft Hand Base

Soft hand base is a clear plastisol ink used to reduce ink viscosity with pigmented inks. Mixed with ink, and silk screen printed with a higher mesh count the ink will penetrate into the fabric the final print will have a softer feel and will not affect curing rates.

Extender Bases

Extender base are used to increase volume of plastisol pigmented inks it will reduce opacity. Can be use as under base on dark t-shirts to minimize dye migration when white ink is not an option.

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