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Jantex-Water Based-Screen Printing Ink

Jantex-Water Based-Screen Printing Ink

Weight (lbs.): 20

Water base and discharge ink is very popular in todays silk screen printing market. It's enviromentally friendly, has soft hand feel, brilliant colors, and offers many diferent effects when screen printing t-shirt or garments such as a vintage look and soft feel and foil affects.

Jantex Pantone Ink Mixing
QT.Jantex - RFU Extender 3 ozJantex -Violet 10
QT" - Pro Discharge Base 3 oz" -Yelloow 11
3 oz" - Black 02 3 oz" - FLS Pink A1
3 oz" - Blue 03 3 oz" - Royal A2
3 0z" Blue 04 1-PT" - White JTSP
3 oz" Green 05 1-PT" - Softener JT
3 oz" -Magenta 06 1-PT" - Lube JT
3 oz" - orange 07 ! -PT" - Binder 45 NRF
3 oz" - Red 08 3-OZ" - Fixer F Extra
3 oz" - Scarlet 09 1-OZ" - Parolite

Water based ink color matching system comes with dvd instructions on how to mix pantone colors.
Cost effective starter kit, for a home business to start water base screen printing.

Screen mesh up to 300 mesh count, and water resistance emulsions such as Saati Chem textile DW or Xenons 903WR

The easy to use jantex enviromentally friendly bases and pigments are specifically designed to be silk screened with manual Tee- shirt printing press.

Drying methods:
Plastisol cures once it reaches 320 degrees of heat. On the other hand, to properly dry water based ink or discharge ink you need heat and air movement to drive water from the ink in order to cure the pigment. Gas dryers use convection heat to achive this. Electric t-shirt dryers use color blind Infrared heaters to heat the shirt and ink, which forms stem, forced air blows away the moisture so heat can cure the pigment. Note: The more air the better

Drying Equipment Options : (1) Air flash cure for small runs (2) inexpensive alternative to an large jet air textile dryer is a air flash & small infrared t-shirt conveyor dryer. Note: the air flash dryer starts the process and the infrared only dryer can finish curing the pigment (3) conveyor drying machines such as hot air or forced air electric or gas convection conveyor dryers for high production output.

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